Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Just Not Working

Hey all,

So, I know I'm late on this, (past 11) but I can not get my post to work. I went over what I'd written last night, and it really just comes off as a bunch of halfway jumbled ideas. There's no form or function to anything I wrote... and I really don't like that. I've had train of thought posts before, but they've made sense, at least somewhat. It was supposed to be a bunch of ideas that I've been working with on current projects as well as those that have been mothballed for the time being. I had a lot of cool stuff that didn't ever quite work the way I wanted them to, and I was hoping that writing about them on here would shake it up and bit. Unfortunately I just ended up with a bunch of junk that I don't really think is up to snuff for anything except my personal notes.

Anyways, I'd really rather not post something that I don't like... so I think I might have to just back out of this one. I'll work on the post over the weekend, and if something clicks with how I have it set up, I'll either post it early or hold out until Tuesday. I might need to break the ideas down and write one lengthy entry for each one... I'm not sure, I need some time to sit and muse on it. Sorry bout this one.


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