Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Where I Was

Hey all,

So, as you may or may not have noticed, I was absent from my usual blog posting duties over the past couple days. Turns out my computer’s power supply decided that Sunday was a really good time to blow up. One of the capacitors (I’m pretty sure) went bang in a very loud and distressing manner. More or less, my computer was totally dead and I had to wait for a new part to ship. It arrived yesterday and everything is now working splendidly. Nothing else was damaged when the PSU went, so all my writing and whatnot is safe and sound (it was backed up anyways, no worries).

Insofar as what I’m up to with Dreamstate—I’ve encountered a bit of the story that I think would do much better in a different place. Not taking place elsewhere, but if I were to lift it up in the story and set it down at a later point in time. I’ve had to do this with a few paragraphs that I’ve bumped into for logistical reasons, but this is more just about preference. My biggest issue is that it’s probably fine where it is. The story works and everything flows around it with relative ease, but I worry that I might be jumping the gun a little bit by introducing the information so soon. The only thing that’s really holding me back from moving such a large bit of text is that I’m not sure how enormous of a task it’s going to wind up being. There is a huge amount of tiny little plot tendrils connecting everything together, and if I miss even a single reference to the event (it could be as simple as Daniel knowing something new and mentioning something semi-related to it) then my book has gone wonky. People are not supposed to know things that have not happened yet—there would be chaos. As of now I’m finishing up the rest of the stuff and leaving this issue to simmer on the side. I might change it later, after the next round of readers… or maybe while they’re reading it. Then again I might give a more serious look-over to how much work it’ll be to accomplish and make a decision at that point. Dunno, we’ll have to find out later.

Also, book ideas that never super came to fruition: plants that do things. I’ve always liked predatory plants, even the ones that more or less just sit there are lure things into sticky traps and whatnot. I think they’re super cool to have evolved like that, and have always really wanted to work one into my stories, just at a larger scale. I’ve had ideas about massive fungi and tree formations that do stuff with spores and psychedelics, but nothing seems to stick. Maybe I can get something to work in a future book if I put more thought into it and don’t have it as a central part to the story. One of these days I’ll figure it out, you mark my words.


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