Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Words and Changes

Hey all,

Been a busy few days for me over the weekend. I didn’t really do much with the books on the weekend days themselves—had other stuff to contend with. Monday and Friday were the same old thing as before; just me sitting here putting the changes into the story. The book is coming together nicely, the characters are as I want them to be, the pacing is better, and the flow of the plot is nice and smooth. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

I had mentioned a few posts back that we are going to be moving soon. Our current place has been put on the market, and the realtors are trying to shop it around. It’s a bit of a thing to deal with people coming through while I’m working, but that’s the price you pay for renting, I suppose. Although, as of writing this I’m trying to track down an agent gone rogue—not sure if she plans to show up tomorrow morning to show the place to other realtors or not… they’ve gone dark on me.

Also, I’ve pretty much settled on the idea that this September I’m going to go back to school to pick up a technical writer’s certification. It seems like a decent thing to do for job-work while I’m not writing (I’ll keep writing). It obviously won’t start for a while, and then I’ll have to do the course, but I should be done some time in the middle of next year. Long way off, but that was one of the things I was preoccupied with this weekend.

Lots of changes, semi-good fun. You get a real post about real writing come Thursday—been working on actual Dreamstate II changes, not just phrasing fixes.


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