Monday, 2 March 2015

A Bit Sparse

Hey all,

How’s it going? I’ve been a bit busy lately with condo related things, mostly setting up viewings and having our place shown. They’re doing an open house this weekend, which I really am not a fan of because unlimited strangers walking about my house, but hey watcha gonna do? Actually I will be locking away anything of any value, but besides that, just pretending it’s not happening.

The condo jazz has slowed down the editing a bit. It’s still moving forward and should be wrapped up in the next couple days but I was hoping that I’d be finished by today. Clearly though, it is not, or you would all have rough copies of a book in your inboxes.

Unfortunately, I don’t much to talk about right now. Life has been a bit, centered away from writing over the past couple weeks. I’m sure once these last few edits are in and I can play around with some other stories I’ll be able to bring something fun to the blog again. For the next few posts, though, the content might be a bit sparse. Sorry, but if there’s not much going on (that doesn’t super spoiler a story) I can’t really make it up.

Fun posts again soon, I promise.


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