Thursday, 19 March 2015

It Seems that I Forgot

Hey all,

*Super tired while writing this, I apologize for any grammatical/ typo type errors that may remain.*

So, it seems that I forgot to write a post last Tuesday. I’m not sure why I forgot to do so… nothing super special was happening, but I did. I suppose it has been a hectic few weeks (which will hopefully calm down a bit in the upcoming bit of time). I am terribly sorry, though, for forgetting to write about what I’m writing about… which incidentally is not very much.  

I’ve had a lot of time to brainstorm over the past week. And when I say a lot, I really mean a lot, a lot. Having Dreamstate II out with other people has super freed up my time to the extent that I sometimes run out of things to work on during the day. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my Shadowmen notes, trying to catch myself up to where I was. Unfortunately for myself, I tend to leave a lot of… convoluted sayings and whatnots in my journals that at the time made perfect sense (and do, eventually) but for now are a bit hard to get through. Most of it pertains to other plots and ideas and thoughts that I had while writing or coming up with the content in the current version of the story. The rest of my time has been me going over what I’d written and playing with the stuff that I’d mentioned last week in the post about making it a darker world. I keep bumping into issues with the writing that I have, however—and in ways that I don’t know if I can keep all of the content that I’ve already written. I had expected to need to redo sections of it, but keep the core premise, but I don’t know if I want to do that anymore. While essentially remaking the world with the lens that I want it to be seen through, I’ve inadvertently come up with… other ideas. They all tend to be similar to what I have, but it’s more like an alternate world to the one that’s in the books rather than just a simple bit of touching up. Things are close, but not close enough that you might accidentally mistake one for the other.

I’m still at that point where my ideas are muddled and a bit off-skew. I’m having a bit of trouble putting them into exact words for this post. Specifics are hard to give right now, even more so than they were last week. But maybe in another few days I can spit out a few thoughts on what I’m actually doing to my story. I think I might just need to get my hands dirty and just tear into the text a bit to see what happens. Hopefully it will be good things… I think it will, I like the stuff I’m coming up with; it should work well with the world the story is set in. You’ll like it, I promise.


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