Thursday, 26 March 2015


Hey all,

I once again forgot to post a blog update yesterday. I have seriously been out of it the past couple weeks. I think not having anything to work on day in and day out has wrecked my internal schedule pretty badly. Days sort of bleed into one another—I was fairly convinced that it was Tuesday for most of today, until Charlotte corrected me in the evening. Being sick isn’t really helping with the focus either. Nothing serious, just a bit of a cold that got dragged back to the apartment from somewhere outside.

My Shadowmen journal is becoming a bit of an odd place. I have just, for the most part, been writing down every little thing that pops into my head in regards to story ideas. Generally I self-censor a little bit and stick with things that I like—ignoring interesting ideas that conflict or contradict what I already have. I am not doing that this time, not at all. I have about ten different iterations of the main characters, five different timelines/ story arcs, and more random bits of the world than I care to talk about. It has become a bit of a brain dump, but I have so much free time, it’s kind of fun. I have a lot of ideas, and it’s cool to see them all on paper, even if it’s paper that will never see the light of day save for when I glance over it. I think leaving no stone unturned in regards to this story is going to make it better; or at least I can’t say that I didn’t explore it fully. There are some weird takes on the shadowmen that I think I might stick with too. They’re not quite what I’d started with, but similar, and a lot more fun (in my opinion).  It should be good.

Also, needless to say, I totally spaced on the free From Ash days. I’ll get on that tomorrow and can set up a decent spread of days (I think I get five per couple months). There will be a notice here as soon as I do it up properly. It’s been a while, maybe I can snag a few new readers (the giveaways usually result in a few extra sales of stuff—hopefully we can keep that trend going.


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