Thursday, 23 April 2015

Been a While

Hey all,

So the world seems to have settled down a little bit since my last blog posting, or lack thereof. I have had days at home this week where I was actually able to tool around with a story a bit. Last week, if I was home, I was working on other stuff… new house and Dungeons and Dragons type stuff. The actual D&D day happened, people seemed to enjoy themselves even though it took WAY longer than I expected. I believe we were playing for about six hours (I had guessed it would take closer to three, yikes). That was over the weekend, and since then I’ve had real free time, time that I’ve put into playing with a new version of the Shadowmen story.

I think I was talking about the book a few weeks back. It’s a bit hard to remember everything now that I only post once a week, but I believe I’d said I was messing with a few new versions of the story. The story is in an odd place… because I know what happens in it—everything is as set in stone as they get when I write. I know the characters, I know what they’re doing, and I know why… but the tone is still eluding me. I might just be too close to the story… but for the life of me (and a few versions of the first chapter) I can’t seem to lock down the atmosphere I want. I can do dark, I can do oppressive, but I keep finding myself sliding out of how I want the story to read. Maybe I’ve spent too much time on the Dreamstates, or maybe I’m just not used to writing this way… but, bleh! I end up writing in a much faster, more action oriented way—the good stuff is slow and trudging and heavy, the other stuff is light and quick. I am quite aware that when taken out of context, I sound a bit like I’m just making up words to describe writing you’ve never read. Actually, it sounds exactly like that… but I hope on some level you can glean what I’m working on, and why it’s making me slightly grumpy.

There will be a point, in the future, where I do lock into the voice that I want to use, and everything will be grand. Up until that point, however, my writing life is mostly me hanging out trying to work through this jazz.


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