Thursday, 2 April 2015

Free Stuff

Hey all,

I’ve been pretty much swamped with other things in life this past week. I’ll bring them up in a month or two (when I’m sure they’re real) but not before then. Until that point, just be aware that if I’m not one hundred percent on top of my writing, there are legitimate reasons as to why.

My actual work is still relegated to messing with my journals, but I’m kind of reaching a point where I’m bored of that… and I think I might give just straight up writing the Shadowmen book a shot. I know, I said just the other week that I hated taking long breaks between writing and editing and all that, and I do… but I’m really, really bored with notes. I’m not all that big on planning the small details out, because I often come up with better stuff on the fly, and so spending all my time nitpicking tiny things is driving me crazy; most of it won’t survive five minutes of real writing. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have enough to get back into those Tuesday posts we all know and love.

I’ve been reading a fair amount of Philip K. Dick lately. I’ve always liked his particular brand of SciFi, and I feel like it comes pretty close to what I’m trying to do. There are differences, obviously, but that imminent sense of doom that he’s so good at having hang over your head as you read—I want that in my story too.

Oh, also, I set up some free days for From Ash. Amazon does that thing now where the free sessions come in couple month cycles, and I was sort of near the end of one, so there are going to be a few over the next couple weeks. The picture at the bottom of the page details them, and I’ll make sure to give a shout here and on twitter when it’s about to go live. The first day being this weekend.


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