Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hanging Out

Hey all,

So, first things first, a surprising number of people snagged the free copies of From Ash the other weekend when they were free. If you happened to want a copy and missed the last free date, another is coming up soon (there’s a time table in the post preceding this one). Grab a copy, tell your friends, it’s got cults, guns, and wastelands aplenty.

I’ve not really been doing any writing this past week, just a bit of fiddling around with the Shadowmen book. The story is still going through some test phases, but the new ideas are taking a more solid form. I’ve got literally nothing to talk about the story that would make any sense, though. The ideas are pretty disjointed and I need to write the connecting bits before it becomes something that anyone else could follow.

A lot of my time has just been spent decompressing from the writing process. It’s taken a couple weeks to shake the feeling that I should be writing or editing constantly. I’ve been reading and playing with new book ideas—it’s been fun, which is nice, and something I don’t always have the time to do. I think, though, that I should give Dreamstate II another look over in the next week or so. I haven’t read it through since my most recent bout of edits—I had grown a bit sick of the same story over and over. It’s faded from my mind a bit, however, and I will most definitely need a refresher before I delve back into the text.

Besides that, there’s not much that is up with me. Some stuff with buying a condo and moving in a bit, but, for the most part I’ve just been sitting tight and waiting for when the work comes crashing back in.

Also, sorry for the odd language of the post, super tired.


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