Thursday, 7 May 2015

Books and Europe and Running

Hey all,

So, it would appear that I totally blanked on writing a post or last week. I only really realized that I’d done so on the weekend, and by then, I just committed to it. I figure that a slightly more content driven post this week would make up for it. There are a few bits of news that I will get into that may or may not affect my posting rate in the upcoming weeks (or it just might change the content). First of all, in a bit over a week I will be heading off to Europe for a while. I’ll try to get blog postings up (maybe with pictures) when I have access to Wifi. I can set things up to go off at a later timed date (say if I only have internet on a Tuesday instead of a Thursday), so hopefully the blog stuff won’t be interrupted too badly. Oh also, last weekend I ran a half-marathon and my limbs are still feeling the pain a bit. I haven’t quite managed to bring myself to go back to the gym yet, but maybe today. A tip, if you plan to do a half-marathon, train first. I did not, and it was a poor decision.

In regards to my writing, I have started to get some Dreamstate II feedback back again. The consensus so far is that it’s better than the last draft (one would hope) but that there are still a few things that need to be smoothed out. Like I was saying in the first round, I think a lot of those issues tend to be stemming from the massive amount of content that I cut out. I honestly might have to go in and just write out an extra couple thousand words to really flesh out some of the scenes. I’ll see what happens when the rest of the feedback comes in, I guess. It’s close to being ready to publish… it just needs a little more something.

The Shadowmen book has also been coming along. I think I’ve finally locked down the tone I wanted. I went back and made a few bigger changes to the world and, I suppose, the story. There were a few elements that I think were holding back that overwhelming sense of dark oppression that we all know and love. The new changes help with that—they gritty up the world itself, not just my writing. Before there was a bit too much of me trying to write a darker story over the top of a slightly too pleasant set of characters and world. It wasn’t a super happy world, but they had too much… they were too content. Anyways, I’m liking the new route, and if I can stick too it might have at least something to show off to Charlotte before we head out to the Euro-land.


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