Thursday, 11 June 2015

Back From Travels

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I last did a post… a long, long while. I actually spent the last three weeks or so in Europe, traveling around and visiting folk. It was a fun trip, but it’s also nice to be home. Now, while I did have internet most of the time (pretty much anywhere we’d set up as a home base), I wasn’t doing all that much writing. I sat down a few times to try and get a blog post out and up online… but nothing good came of it. Most of my “writing” that I did was messing around in my journal and drawing maps of places and things that are going to happen in the shadowmen book. It was interesting stuff, and helped me introduce and get rid of a lot of ideas, but it wasn’t really anything that people would like to read about. Maybe some people would, but the ideas wouldn’t make too much sense without a bit more context.

In Dreamstate II news (long time since we’ve had some of that), I’ve been getting back my edits. I have enough now that I can make a decent couple passes at the story again. Of course I need to re-read the book, for the ten millionth time, but I really do need the most current edition fresh in my head. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what I’ve cut out and what I’ve added—there are a lot of versions swimming around in my brain. Anywho, most of my next week will probably involve me reading through a billion edits and then going over the book itself, making notes about where I want the changes to tentatively go. Once I’m through with that, I can rip into the text itself and start putting my edit notes into practice. Hopefully most of the things that people are finding are going to be relatively surface rather than issues with the story itself. It’s easy enough to make fixes to things when it’s grammar/structure/word choice/small scene issues. It’s a bit more annoying when I have to rewrite huge chunks of the story—not that I won’t do that, since it makes the book better, but it’s still a pain.

If the chaos of editing renders some new and exciting stories, I might be able to swing this blog back to two times a week. I’d really like to—there was a point where I could have probably written three posts a week. Unfortunately editing is not quite the same as writing, and it just doesn’t move quite in the same way. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to see how it all pans out.  

For those of you wondering, Charlotte and I went to London, Edinburgh, Bristol (and surrounding area including Wales), Cologne, and Berlin.


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