Friday, 26 June 2015

Post-Birthday Edits and Writing

Hey all,

Sorry for the day late post again. This time it was because I was celebrating my birthday. I had a great day. I slept in, drank some coffee, did not do any editing, signed some papers to buy a new house, and had dinner out. It was relaxing—which is just the sort of day that I wanted it to be.

Anyways, the day before my birthday, I was getting to be on the verge of cranky with how much editing stuff I had been doing. I find something incredibly frustrating about reading the same passage over and over, editing small bits, maybe highlighting some others, and then realizing the whole day has gone by. There are sections where I often feel as if I’m making no discernable movement forward, even if I throw 8-10 hours of working at it. It’s annoying, because I know that I really am making an impact, however small and dense that impact might be. It’s just when I go back to it later, it seems like nothing much is different. Anyways, I took a break and did some real writing for the first time in a while. Seems that it was just the thing I’d needed too. It was on my Shadowmen book, and I had a ton of ideas (some fairly major) from all the stuff I’d put in my journals while on vacation. I’d never had a chance to implement those thoughts, so I figured I’d just do it. Knocking out two thousand-ish words is enough that I could really see what I’d accomplished that day. I guess now and again taking a break from the more… intense side of editing to have some writing fun is a good idea. I’d just been trying to push through the edits, this new way is better though, much happier.

The actual edits are going well. There are those sections that I seem to be able to put an unlimited amount of time into without getting much out of, but I suppose that was bound to happen. Some bits of the text just need more technical work than others. Most of the time I’m just not a fan of wording in sections—the flow is messed up—and I need to fix it. The parts that need smaller rewrites or just general grammatical fixes move along pretty quickly. Good stuff all around.


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