Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bugs and Editing Thoughts

Hey all,

Exciting news in that I’m settling into the new house quite nicely… barring one fact. It seems that there is a bit of a silverfish infestation possibly in the walls where water pipes run through. It’s been very hot, very humid, and there has been no rain for weeks. These bugs are big fans of damp, dark places and there’s not much of that outside right now. I didn’t see any for the first week or so… but now there are at least a handful. They’re relatively harmless, but they can mess up books and get into your bags of oats if you’re not careful. They’re also fast and kinda icky. Needless to say, we’ve gone to war with various spices and oils to ward them away + some diatomaceous earth to get the ones that are persistent enough to encroach on our domain. Might pick up a de-humidifier tomorrow as well. With any luck, the bugs should be spooked off until it rains enough that they can go back outside and leave me alone.

Editing, o editing… There have been a few interesting encounters I’ve had with my book over the past week. A lot of my time is doing what you would assume I’m doing—rewording and restricting bits and pieces of the text, one line at a time. The rest of my work time tends to be either trying to make those dull bits of the story pop without feeling forced (my ideas from before work, it’s just more annoying to put into practice than I’d thought). I’m working on that stuff in bits and pieces when I can stomach the rewrites. Anywho, clarification of scenes that people said were confusing is what I’ve really been focusing on for the past few days. I’ve had a lot of instances where someone that’s read the book will describe a character or place not at all how I have it imagined. This can lead to a fair amount of confusion when stuff starts happening involving the people and/or places. You might think that this is a clear cut rewrite issue, where I just need to clarify what I mean, and often you’d be right. There are a few times, however, when someone likes the way I’ve described something and another person is confused by it, or they’re confused in different ways. These moments are trickier, and there have been a few where I need to figure out the exact thing that is causing the confusion rather than just wiping whole sections. It’s a bit more like trying to find a defective piece in a jigsaw puzzle—it fits, and some people can deal with it, but it’s not quite perfect. I’m actually enjoying these types of fixes a fair amount, because it feels like real writing, where I get to flesh things out.

On a similar note, I had a request for more lore on the next Brother. I had toned it way down in the version I gave people, because I’d figured it was just too much. Folk were interested, though, and so back in it goes. I love writing backstories—everyone in my books has one even if it doesn’t make it into the text. If I could, I’d write an entire book that was just about the people and worlds and how they’ve changed and become themselves over the years. It’s fun stuff.


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