Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Life is Caulk

Hey all,

I have been spending a good amount of my free time as of late caulking everything in my new condo. We came to the realization that someone at some point had just jammed “baseboards” onto the wall. Really they were just pieces of wood painted white that were nailed somewhat near to the ground. Those afore mentioned insects (from last week) seem to have been using them as a way of skittering around. Everything is now poisoned and sealed. We gave them no ground save for toxic ground to go to. Needless to say, it was kind of a pain in the ass to do and I am super happy that we no longer have to deal with that.

Writing this week has been sporadic (yay house fixings) and mostly focused on writing my other book instead of editing. I can’t bring myself to do house repairs and then edit stuff, I just can’t do it. My brain needs some respite from finicky things for a while, and writing has been that sanctuary this week.

Song of the Shadowmen (still a super tentative title) is not really a happy story. Actually it’s downright depressing, but it’s still fun to work on. I’d mentioned a few weeks ago (I think?) that I had locked down the oppressive feel that I wanted in the story. The book has gone through about eight different iterations of the first chapter, and none of them has really stuck. I kept feeling as if everything was too easy for the characters. Life was bad, but it wasn’t awful—they were getting by… and I did not want that. If there is hope for someone in a story, then they can find a way to make it through. I wanted to snuff out that hope/ light at the end of the tunnel and make the world grey and dark. The readers need to really feel how awful the world in the book is, and I think I’ve got it locked down. The story is coming well, everyone is miserable, and no one is safe; it’s great!

Short blog post this week, sorry about that. Longer next time, I promise (less house fixes).


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