Thursday, 2 July 2015

New House!

Hey all,

I have spent the past four or so days moving. It wasn’t too far of a move… but I have been so busy. I don’t think I’ve had much in the way of any downtime in the past half a week. We’re totally out of our old place and into our very own condo. It’s nice, there’s more room, it’s in a good location, and there are boxes of our stuff everywhere. I’m also still amazed at how much junk I own. I got rid of bags of stuff, but still, millions of tons of whatnots made it over here to the new place.

Incidentally, I really haven’t done much in the way of writing, sorry to say. I looked at my edits at one point between putting stuff away in the new cupboards, but haven’t done much else. I find it hard to settle my brain to the point of working when there’s mess everywhere. Our place is generally pretty put together—when carpets are rolled up in the corner and our kitchen is in cardboard boxes… it’s hard to focus. This also means I don’t have a ton to talk about, unless you really want to hear me talking about how I carried heavy stuff from one room to a car and then back up to another room. It’s less exciting than the magical worlds in my books and all that. More exciting stories next week.


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