Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Busy Life

Hey all,

How’s everyone doing? I am still sick… maybe. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, a two day cold has turned into a three week cough. At this point I’m just accepted the idea that I probably have the plague, and this is my life now. If I ever stop coughing, I’ll be sure to let the world know. It’s important news.

We’ve also had a friend visiting from overseas for a bit. Perfect time to be walking about with a cough, I know. But Charlotte and I have been going about and checking out all the sights around near where we live. It’s fun to see a city for the first time through the eyes of someone that hasn’t ever been there before. We’ve got a bit more sight-seeing this upcoming weekend, but after that I’ll be back to my normal sitting and writing.

My writing has been iffy this week. The combination cough/ weekend touring has left me a little bit burned out. We’ve also had a few other mechanical house issues that needed sorting and ate into my work-life a bit; this whole house owning thing is more work than advertised. I feel like I’ve really only been able to sit down for a few hours a day and pick at my writing. I suppose this is one of those trying times that people talk about. Everything in the world seems to be conspiring to keep me from getting a good night’s sleep and hammering away at my words like I’m used to. I’ll get back into it the way that I want soon enough, I hope. If I can shake my cold/cough/plague and sleep again (and the house stops falling apart) I think that I may be able to get back to normal life.


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