Thursday, 23 July 2015

Why Did I Write That?

Hey all,

So last week I had taken some time away from the editing to go back to the Shadowmen book, which is coming along just fine. This week, I went back to the edits and tried to start right where I’d left off. I got going, as I have been, checking notes from folk and putting in changes where I saw fit. The further I went, however, the more I noticed awkward phrasing running rampant. There were entire paragraphs that I felt needed to be reworded. Something had gone terribly wrong as I wrote them (perhaps in pieces?) and the flow of the page was all over the place. To me, it felt as if I were dragging my feet half the time when trying to read the words on the page—it was clumsy and uncomfortable.

I actually ended up going back to the very start of the book and working my way through up until where I was with the notes from other people. I figure it has to be done eventually, why not do it now? There were so many things that I’m not sure why or how I wrote them in the first place, but then to have them get through however many rounds of editing I did. There must have been some truly sketchy things in my first few drafts for this to be the stuff that I left behind. Anywho, it’s coming along quite nicely, I hope. I have this fear that in a month or so, when I think I’m done with everything, I’m going to look at the start and again think “Why did I write this?” I suppose there’s a point where I’m just going to have to cut myself off… but it’s not that time yet, I’m still allowed to obsess.

I know I promised a longer blog post this week, but right now I’ve got a cold and am a bit stoned on cold medicine. You’ll get that long post one of these days, I promise.


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