Thursday, 27 August 2015

I Missed a Week

Hey all,

So it seems that I forgot to post a blog last week. I’ve been doing stuff, mostly editing, but I just never got around to putting anything online. Sorry about that, it just slipped my mind.

In Dreamstate II I am still working on general edits from one of my passes, and the word choice that I use in a lot of the narration scenes. I talked about that a few weeks ago, where I felt that the flow of the text was off in certain places and that I could smooth it out. It’s a bit of a process, much like everything else I’m doing, I suppose, but it’s coming along. This book is taking much, much longer to work with than anything else I’ve ever written before. It’s also a lot more complicated of a story, and had larger (initial) weak points than my other stories. I like the way it’s shaping up though—the final layers of polish are really making the book shine (I think).

My shadowmen book has been on the backburner a bit for the past week. I get back into it now and again, but mostly to play with the language (like I’m doing in Dreamstate) in the parts that I’ve already written. It’s easier than having to switch from an editing to writing brain, and it’s a nice little break from other things I’m doing.

What I’m working on right now in DSII has to deal with the dialogue of the characters. There are some consistency issues that I started bumping into. A lot of the things were picked up by my pool of readers, but often this led to me searching out other less obvious errors. Some of the language of certain people in the story is a bit stilted, but on purpose. I can usually keep this up, or at least avoid having them slip into the more common speech patterns of the other characters. There are times, however, that I do go back halfway—this is what people were picking up. The language becomes a bit… half something-odd, half normal; it comes out quite poorly. Most of the notes regarding those passages have been made to push the words back into full normal speech, but I need to go the other way. It’s not the most exciting thing to do, scanning a book for grammatical consistency between characters, but there are worse things in the world. And in the end, it comes out sounding quite nice.


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