Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hey all,

I’ve had a hell of a week in regards to my editing. I decided to take a break from going through everyone’s notes and fixing the bits that need to be fixed. Instead, I rolled to a section that has generated a fair number of the conversations I’ve had with people regarding the book. For those of you that have read it, it’s the part where Daniel first meets the folk outside the desert. There were, to say the least, a few different opinions on how this section of my book played out. It seems like no one could really pinpoint what I was trying to say (some were much closer than others). What I found the most interesting, however, was that no one was concerned that they didn’t see what I was trying to describe. No one seemed confused, just that they had their own way of envisioning the scene.

I’ve gone back a few times, which I may have mentioned in past posts, and tried to re-describe the scene. I believe it’s better than it was the first time through, but I’m going to really need to ask for opinions when I give the book out again for another reading. It’s funny that, how people can all read the same passage, but get quite different perceptions of what’s going on. There’s a part of me that wants to encourage this a bit, because it’s cool, and it doesn’t really affect the story at all. There’s another part that wants me to put an end to this nonsense right away so that everyone seems exactly what I see in my brain. Maybe I can strike a middle-ground, where people have the right core concept, but have room to add their own flourishes.

The rest of the time that I wasn’t re-writing various sections of the afore-mentioned scenes, I was doing grunt edits. Mostly I was trying to make sure a few descriptors of the stranger people in my book stayed consistent without looking like they were grammatical errors. I do some odd stuff in this book, and when it’s introduced too early, it just looks like I can’t write. There was a bit of a conundrum, but I think I’ve worked it out... hopefully.


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