Thursday, 24 September 2015

Once Every Two Weeks?

Hey all,

As you probably noticed, I missed my last blog post. It turns out my school work-load is a bit more intense than I originally thought it would be. The content is great, and fun to work through, there’s just a lot of it, and I really want to make sure I understand everything. I’ve had a lot less time to work on my editing than I thought I would, and so for the mean time I think I might drop my posts to once every two weeks, on Thursday.

The stuff I did get to this week were mostly Dreamstate II edits. I had to find my place again, and so grammar was my main focus. I need to figure out what exactly I was in the middle of working on (stuff not marked by readers) in the next couple days. I took a bit of a break and did so seemingly in the middle of a paragraph. There’s nothing too exciting to report on that front, I’m afraid. I opened my shadowmen book for a few moments and gave it a once over, but didn’t really do any work on it.

Unfortunately it might be like this for a while, sparse and slightly dry updates. If I do get through my work for a week more quickly in the future and can then write more, I’ll update once or twice a week. Like I said before, the book is still coming along, just a bit slower than before.


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