Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hey all,

I’ve got some news to talk about today. It shouldn’t have too much of an effect on my blog postings, but it might bump into my writing speed.

So, I have gone back to school (yay). It’s a year and a half to two year online program that focuses on web development and some design. So far, I’ve been getting through the content relatively quickly, but that is likely to change as things get a bit more intense. I’m still going to be working on my Dreamstate II edits, but they’re going to have to wait in the week until I get done with my school work. I haven’t stopped writing, just my priorities have shifted a little bit. Good grades and learning everything I can in the next couple years is going to take a bit of a front seat for a while.

You all shouldn’t really notice that much of a difference. I’ll still update the blog once a week (twice if I ever get done with these infernal edits) and I’ll still keep working towards a finished book. I’ll probably slow down with how much of an impact I’m making on the edits themselves (if such a thing were possible). But as I said, not too much will change from the outside perspective. I just wanted everyone to know that if I really start to drag with new content, it’s not because I’m napping, it’s because I’m coding.

The stuff that I did work on this week were just more of the same. I fixed a lot of awkward sentences, corrected the typos that I’d left in, and deleted a few things. The stuff I took out was some old content that led a bit into a sub plot that never really materialized. It was fine where it was, but didn’t add too much, and the book is a bit long as it is. It let me free up some space to smooth out the scenes surrounding the removed text. I like the result, so good times for all.


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